wabuco tyopaikkana
Entrust all the necessary financial administration duties, such as accounting, payment transactions, reporting, budgets, and cost calculations to us. Improve your business operations with our highly efficient financial administration tools, such as international reporting services, and surplus value and cost analyses. We can also enhance the monitoring and measuring of your business results.

Accounting Services

Let us take care of your company’s accounting, cash management, financial statements as well as accounts payable and receivable. Most financial administration functions are handled electronically. This cuts down costs and enables your company to assign resources to its core business. Furthermore, you always have reliable information at hand in a suitable format.

Reports to the Authorities

Save time by allowing us to handle all reports to the authorities, such as monthly tax return specifications, financial statements, annual reports to tax authorities, as well as tax declarations.

Local Payroll Administration

Ensure that your employees’ salaries are correctly calculated in accordance with local legislation and collective bargaining agreements. At the same time, we take care of the necessary reports to the authorities together with payments if so desired.

We can also create accurate customer-specific reports on personnel costs together with all necessary payroll calculations and reports.

Tax Planning

Optimize your company’s taxes with our efficient tax planning services. Identify possible risks and anticipate the effects of taxation on your business operations. Create applications, reports, and appeals to the tax authorities in the most lucrative way.

Acquire valuable tax assistance all over the world through our Russell Bedford International network. Or benefit from our knowledge of local taxation when operating in the Finnish market.

Reports, Scenarios and Analyses

Develop your internal reporting environment and identify risks more efficiently with our Controller services. With WaBuCo, you can also strengthen your corporate governance processes and make sure that the internal and external requests are followed. Furthermore, your company’s cash flow management becomes more efficient and easier to anticipate.

Receive the follow-up reports and analyses based on your company’s needs and according to a set schedule.