We are one of the leading accounting firms in Helsinki and offer a wide variety of services. Our services include advice on how to prepare periodic and annual accounts. We are committed to ensure you have access to all the facts to allow you to make informed business decision. Our main objective is to understand how your business operates and come up with effective accounting solutions. Our team is made up of dedicated professionals who are well trained to offer quality accounting and financial services. All our operations are transparent and clients get complete access to all the projects we undertake. We ensure your business complies with Helsinki regulations. Our main services include consultation, payroll administration, and acco


Accounting firms in Helsinki offer consultation for start-ups that are not aware of the labor market regulations. We advise you on the best tax plans for your business and help you find the right one. Our team of professionals will examine your financial statements and advise you on the most appropriate entity for your business. We also suggest bookkeeping and tax solutions for your start-up.

Payroll Administration

Our teams help organizations save time by offering comprehensive payroll administration. We ensure that you comply with all the tax legislation, local laws, and labor regulations. The payroll administration services go beyond computing and paying employee wages. We are an experienced firm that ensures all your employees are registered, insured, and make the required contributions. Our staff will also handle your travel expenses and taxation matters.


Our accounting services deal with a wide range of business aspects including bookkeeping, reporting, invoicing, ledgers, and annual closing. We carry our bookkeeping to match your specific business requirements. Our reporting applies the most advanced and efficient techniques to attain accurate accounting results. We provide time-saving and efficient procedures by taking advantage of the most innovative technology in the finlandWe understand that your company requires accurate information to make decisions on financial matters. Our accounting services focus on efficient management reporting. We prepare reports in any language that your company uses. Our staff will prepare annual accounts and financial statements in English, Swedish or Finnish depending on your preferences.

We exploit technology to make sure your invoices are handled electronically according to your requirements. Our clients have an opportunity to come up with their own template, which we use a guide when preparing your invoices. We are one of the most experienced accounting firms in Helsinki and our staff is trained to offer both Finnish and international accounting services.

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